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Jewel Purchase - Terms & Condition

Jewellery will remain the responsibility and property of NetJewel until signed for on behalf of the recipient. NetJewel will take on all responsibility while transporting the jewellery to the recipient.

Standard sizing for mens and ladies rings are: Ladies: size N Gents: size T Certain rings eg. Stainless steel and Titanium rings cannot be re-sized so please ensure you have selected the correct size at time of purchase. As per the above if you have selected an incorrect size you will be able to exchange it. Please click here to view our ring sizing guide.

Jewellery may be exchanged within 7 days of receiving it. In order to qualify for an exchange, all goods must be in their original condition and may not have been worn, sized or adjusted.

Jewellery may be refunded within 7 days of receiving it, directly through NetJewel. In order to qualify for a refund, all goods must be in their original condition and may not have been worn, sized or adjusted. Jewellery will need to be returned to NetJewel in their original packaging prior to the refund being authorised. Customers/Recipients are responsible for the costs of return. Refunds can only be made to the original purchaser.

  • Body jewellery and non clip on earrings, for hygienic reasons

  • Jewellery purchased by way of special arrangement or custom order unless defective

  • Jewellery sold as damaged, defective, used or repaired, as disclosed before purchase

  • Jewellery that has been sized, unless defective

  • If jewellery is defective within 6 months after being received, we will repair, replace or refund, provided that it is a material defect, and that the defect did not develop as a result of abuse, fair wear and tear, or by not following our or the manufacturer's instructions

  • An item that is not working (eg watch that requires a replacement part) and can be repaired, within a reasonable period, is not deemed to be a material defect as the item will be in working condition once the part has been replaced
  • Any supplier warranties apply over and above the terms of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008

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    Delivery Information

    1. Delivery Times
    1. We are same day service if your floral order is placed before 12noon South African time, country wide. Alternatively, you are welcome to choose any future date for delivery.
    2. We are a next day service if your gift, jewellery or perfume order (non-floral) is placed before 1pm South African time, country-wide. Some remote areas may need an extra day for delivery.
    3. For Johannesburg gift, jewellery or perfume orders, we can deliver same day but such orders must be placed via our call centre before 12noon. Please call to enquire.
    4. We cannot guarantee a specific delivery time on the day, although we will make every effort to adhere to a time if such has been requested.
    5. While we have a list of delivery countries available, should you wish to send a bouquet to a country not listed it is likely that we will still be able to do so. Please call our call centre to enquire.
    1. Delivery Instructions

    To ensure that delivery takes place as you have requested please ensure that the address you have provided is as complete as possible and that a contact number has been provided for the intended recipient.

    Certain delivery destinations would require additional detail:

    1. Name of the recipient

    2. (Telephone extension number if available)

    3. Office No/Department

    4. Floor No/Division

    5. Company/Building Name

    NB: Please note that ALL floral deliveries to hospitals must be in a vase or container. Hospitals will not accept bouquets/bunches of flowers not in a container.

    1. Name of the patient

    2. Patient's Ward/Room number

    (Please check to see whether the patient is likely to be discharged before scheduling the delivery)

    Room number and check-in date and time (if not already checked in) and check-out date.

    1. Name of the deceased, or the family's name

    2. Date/Time of the service

    3. Name of the Funeral Home
    1. Seasonal Peak Times

    Please refer to our Special Events Calendar for changes to delivery times around occasions such as Valentine's Day or Mother's Day.

    The large volumes of orders handled during these periods prevent us from guaranteeing same day delivery after the cutoff time indicated clearly on the Welcome page please keep this in mind when placing your orders on special days and ensure you have noted any special delivery information which will be clearly indicated in the shopping pages of the website. For your convenience, we will always attempt to make our cutoff times as close to the special day in question.

    1. FAQ's

    The first step in ensuring a timeous delivery is to provide as complete and detailed an address as possible. For example, for home deliveries please include the apartment no., building name, street number, street name, suburb name and city name. Also provide a contact number for the recipient so that if the florist is unsure of the delivery address they can contact the recipient to confirm the details.

    While we do try to fulfill requests for specific delivery times whenever possible, we cannot guarantee that a bouquet will be delivered at a specific time. Too many factors play a role in whether we can meet a stated time or not such as availability of certain flowers, traffic flows etc. We do however guarantee that your bouquet will be delivered on the day requested.

    If the recipient is not at home when the florist calls to make the delivery, they will either: 1) leave a note on the door, requesting that the recipient should contact them to arrange a convenient time when they may return, or 2) deliver the arrangement to a neighbour, and leave a note advising the recipient that their neighbour has accepted the bouquet on their behalf.

    It is important to remember that normal florist delivery hours are between 9am and 6pm - early morning deliveries may be delayed somewhat if the fresh flowers arrive late from the market.

    The florists are all required to adhere to the value and quality standards set by NetFlorist and it's network of florists. It is possible that due to seasonal or regional availability of certain flowers certain substitutions may be made. However the value and quality of the arrangement will in no way be compromised.